9th International Festival of Youth Creativity FOLK INSPIRATIONS



Festival registration form should be submitted by individual participant, volunteer or group/ensemble leader.

Before filling in all the information and data, please refer to the festival rules and regulations that available at The registration form should be filled in using Latin alphabet. For countries using the Cyrillic or other alphabet, the names and titles should be filled in using Latin transcription. Names and surnames should comply with transcriptions used in the passport.

Submission of the form takes place after filling in and clicking SUBMIT button. Please check the accuracy of the information and data, after submitting you will not be able to make changes. Any problems with filling in the form or requests for amendments after submitting the form, should be addressed to

The data completed in the APPLICATION FORM will be automatically sent to: : after selecting the option "SEND". A confirmation of registration or a request for filling in the missing information will be sent to the address from which the form was sent. Before submitting your application, make sure all data is complete and valid.

The form will be active until 15.06.2018 inclusive, after that date it will not be possible to register for the festival.


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